Crooms Room Computer Fundamentals 4/12-16

 In Computer Fundamentals - 7th Grade

Good Morning,

To begin each day we will enter google classroom and log into google meet to take attendance.
– Once attendance is taken you will be allowed to begin your bell work for 5-10 minutes
– We will then begin class instruction. Some days I may share my screen with you to present things live on my screen and other days you will be expected to follow along.
– Once instruction is complete you will be free to work on in class assignments as well as review anything that you may have missed.
– If there are any questions please feel free to email or write on the class wall, below is a snapshot of your week.

Quarter 4 Week 5 Instruction

This week will be working on how to properly format a document. Our lessons will encompass bullets, numbering and paragraph spacing. This week will complete two in-class / homework assignments as well as a quiz at the end of the week.